Using the MSA Map

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The Manure Spreading Advisory (MSA) Map is your first line of defense against having a runoff event. It’s primarily purpose is to identify those conditions that could lead to a runoff event. These conditions are geographical location and projected/forecasted precipitation amount.

Prior to applying manure it is recommended that you look at the MSA map for the current and three day spreading risk rating. To do this, click on your geographical location on the map. A window will pop that shows the risk rating for each of three days. Use this to choose the most appropriate day to apply manure to. This helps you plan ahead. Remember: if the risk is high, don’t apply.

If the risk is low today, but high tomorrow, consider waiting until conditions are more favorable. This would be a day that has a low risk for application followed by two days of medium or lower risk. In general, you want a few days in which the manure can be taken up by your soil. This consideration will vary throughout the year and is much more important in the high risk wet seasons when soil saturation and large rain events are possible. Both of these things can readily move nutrients, pathogens, and sediment from your field.

If the risk is low and you plan on applying manure, apply the seasonal manure setback distance to all areas adjacent to a waterbody or conduit to a waterbody.